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A big thank you from the team at HQ

We'd like to take this opportunity to express a huge thank you for all of your hard work this year. 2018 has been an awesome year for the community with over 50 activities being sent!

It’s time to light the fire, grab a mulled wine and get reminiscing...

There ain’t no survey like a survey

You may know her for her wine or love of Italy (which we often work into our surveys one way or another!) but sadly, we are saying goodbye to Nicola this Christmas, who has been working on activities for an impressive 5 years! Have no fear though, as there’s still an eager team ready to send you surveys in the new year.

Our round-up for 2018...

The community is bigger than ever

There are 10,550 of you joining the conversation, with over 50,000 activities being completed by you all! We'd like to say thank you for sticking with us if you are a long-standing member and welcome if you are one of the 300 who are new - we couldn't do this without all of you!

Prizes galore!

We’ve been busy this year, giving away almost 265 prizes – that’s 25% more than last year! That works out to be 22 prizes a month, which have included the likes of a Sonos speaker, Apple iPad, Fitbit Alta, GoPro Hero 5, Apple HomePod and much more!

Champions unite

A record 55 champions have been rewarded this year for their long-standing commitment to the community. Remember, champions are all those who have been a member for over a year and have completed 6 surveys in the last 6 months. If you meet these criteria then sit back and relax, as it could be you being rewarded next!

The award for most popular survey of the year goes to...

...our Accommodation and Night Tube survey back in March! At we've run a variety of activities in 2018 including; Friday surveys, Creative judging panel tasks, One Minute Mondays and video tasks. We've loved hearing your opinions and we hope you enjoyed our feedback through our monthly newsletters.


Our newsletters will be changing in the new year - along with our portal - which will have a new look and feel but of course still be very much! We’ll be asking you for your feedback, so keep your eyes peeled…

“Roads? Where we are going, we don’t need roads!”
(Back to the Future)

Thank you so much for being a part of We'll see you in the new year for more activities with even more chances to win prizes. If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, you can just email us at

Merry Christmas and a happy new year,

The team

Our Halloween Twitter competition winners are in!

So, as you probably all know, we ran our annual Halloween Twitter competition last month in which we received a record number of photo and video responses, showing us how you all spent your Halloween.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your faBOOlous entries! We had a blast looking over all the pictures and video submissions, and we finally have our winners!

A big congratulations to Audrey - our grand prize winner of a Sonos Smart Speaker, who sent in a photo of her children in adorable costumes. She also tweeted in a photo with her new speakers!

Also, big congratulations to our two runner – ups Marnie and Lisa on winning a £50 Amazon voucher each. Bloody Spooktacular!

Holidays and Watches

We all love a good holiday – as proven by 63% of you who told us you’ve been on holiday either abroad or in the UK in the last 12 months.

We wanted to know which countries you have visited in the last 12 months…and the top three most popular destination were Spain, France and the USA.

When it comes to holiday inspiration, 4 in 10 of you said you look to previous experiences from places you’ve visited before, followed by 3 in 10 being inspired by recommendations from friends and family.

Looking for Christmas gift inspiration?

When it comes to your ideal watch, 1 in 4 ranked design to be the most important quality, followed by price – according to 27% of you.

The most popular type of watch amongst those who purchased one in the last year is an analog watch, purchased by 6 in 10 of you. Smartwatches were the second most popular option with almost 3 in 10 (27%) having purchased one in the last year.

Our recent winners

Congratulations to all our survey winners this month, including our grand prize winners Phil and Bella, who won a £100 Restaurant Choice voucher and a £150 Love2Shop gift voucher!

Big well done to our WSP Champion winners Thomas, Kirsty, Steven, Sue, Gill, James, Ben, Ray, Nathalie and John who all won a £20 Amazon voucher.

Thanks to all who left lovely comments too. It’s great to hear your thoughts on the community and what you are up to in your lives. Please do send us in a picture of you spending your vouchers for us to put in next month’s newsletter!

Share your favourite Halloween moments with us for the chance to win!

We’ve got an incDREADible competition lined up for our Twitter followers this Halloween, with the chance to win some Spooktacular goodies!

To get involved, all you have to do is follow us @workshopplay and send in either a photo or video of what you got up to this year, along with the hashtag #treatWSP. You could win our fangtastic grand prize of a Sonos smart speaker, and two lucky runners up will each win a £50 Amazon voucher.

The competition will close on Sunday 4th November at midday – so get your entries in quick and good luck! T&Cs apply.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. (Gandalf – Lord of the Rings)

Everyone loves watching a film – well almost all of you (97%). The top three film genres according to you are comedy, followed by action/ adventure and thrillers.

We also wanted to know what motivates you to go and see a film at the cinema… and there were lots of reasons! 4 in 10 said it was the cast and crew involved that drew you in, whilst 3 in 10 said it was the visual effects/ stylistic techniques used.

With so many great films already coming out this year, you all gave lots of feedback when it came to the favourite film you had watched so far:

When it comes to films to watch in the next few months, Bohemian Rhapsody and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald are clear favourites, with a third of you selecting either one of these titles. Other favourites are Halloween (very timely), Aquaman and Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-it Ralph 2.

Our recent winners

Congratulations to our survey winners this month, including (but not limited to) our grand prize winners Jez, who won a Sonos smart speaker (in September) and Janani, who won £100 Restaurant Choice voucher.

Big well done to our WSP Champion winners Kevin, Velda, Liz, John, Nikki, Susan, Karen, and Pedro who all won a £20 Amazon voucher.

Please do send us in a picture of you spending your vouchers for us to put in next month’s newsletter!

You’ve made it to the end! You deserve a treat and it’s this.

So many books, so little time…

Back in July, you told us that reading was the most popular hobby you participated in, therefore we wanted to delve a bit deeper into this category this month.

Almost 1 in 3 of you told us you were consistent readers, always allocating time for reading. 22% are also self-professed binge readers – once you start, you can’t stop!

If you were to receive a book as a gift this Christmas, 42% of you would want it to be crime and thriller novel. Sales have been up for crime and thriller novels according to the BBC, so we can’t say we’re surprised by their popularity! The rise has been fuelled by the growth of psychological thrillers and the success of big names such as Lee Child.


In-store or online? It’s supermarket time!

We asked you to choose which aisle you’d head to first if you were in the Supermarket Sweep game show! The drinks aisle was the most popular destination, with 1 in 3 saying you’d go there first (…and we have a feeling that it isn’t just the soft drinks that are taking your fancy!)

In-store supermarket shopping wins out to online, with 3 in 4 (75%) of you saying that you shop in-store. Tesco is the most popular supermarket, followed by Sainsbury’s and Aldi. Not making any assumptions here but Aldi apparently has the ‘best gin in the world,’ so perhaps that helped it out in the rankings!

A further 16% of you are shopping both in-store and online, followed by 8% solely shopping online. 72% of you said the top reason for shopping in-store was to see what you are buying, whereas 61% said ease of use (re-order last shop/delivery) was the top reason why you shopped online.

In Store

Our recent winners

Congratulations to our survey winners, including our grand prize winners Ellie, who won a £150 Love2shop voucher, Jeff, who won a £100 John Lewis voucher, and Aidas, who won £100 Amazon voucher.

Big well done to our WSP Champion winners Martin, Jennifer, Beryl, Cat K, Deborah, May, Fiona, Dave Cat B and Sally who all won a £20 Amazon voucher.

A shout out also to Francis, last months winner, who sent in this selfie with all the groceries he bought with his Waitrose voucher.

Leisure Activities

Leisure activities

This month, we asked about two key pastimes – podcasts and mobile gaming.

Almost 2 in 5 of you told us that you listen to podcasts. Amongst those who listen to podcasts, “Friday Night Comedy” from BBC Radio 4 was the most popular, followed by “TED Talks Daily” and “The Infinite Monkey Cage” (… we’re not quite sure what that’s about!).

Meanwhile, over half of you said you play games on your mobile phones. The top 3 mobile game genres were puzzle (e.g. Sudoku), arcade (e.g. Angry Birds) and card (e.g. Solitaire). Nearly 3 in 10 of you said that playing mobile games is one of the main things you use your phone for!

Leisure Activities

Let’s cut to the cheese

We have also been asking you about your dietary preferences and when it comes to eating meat, two thirds of you don’t have one (that was easy!). However, 8% classed yourselves as flexitarians, 6% as vegetarians and 2% as vegans.

Even out of those who didn’t class themselves as vegetarians or vegans, 36% of you said that if offered the choice, you’d be likely to choose a veggie lunch option.

Furthermore, out of those of you who eat veggie food, 47% ranked taste as the most important factor when choosing on-the-go veggie food.

Food Options

Our recent winners

Big congratulations to our WSP Champion winners Freda, Louise, Hildegund, Andrew, Damion, Brian, Caroline and Allan who all won a £20 Amazon voucher.

Want to see you name up here? To qualify, you need to be a member for over a year and complete a minimum of six surveys in the past six months – you have a 1 in 100 chance of winning each month!

Congratulations to our survey winners as well, including our grand prize winners Paul, who won a £150 John Lewis voucher, and Steven, who won £100 Supermarket voucher.

Please tweet us your photos at @workshopplay or email us at, as we love hearing from you and seeing how you’re enjoying your prizes!

Summer days

This month, you gave us a glimpse into your favourite things to do in your spare time. Whether it was home improvements or video gaming, we wanted to know more about what you get up to when you’re not answering our surveys!

Reading seems to be the most preferred free time activity, with 7 in 10 of you saying you do this in your spare time. We have a hunch that a lot of this is happening outdoors currently!

Over half of you said that you also like travelling in your spare time, and this is all the incentive we need here at WSP HQ to start thinking about our next escape.


Why isn’t sun tanning a competitive sport? Because the best you can ever get is bronze.

When it came to sports and fitness, walking / hiking was the most preferred activity for 3 in 5 of you, while swimming and going to the gym came in second and third-respectively.

More than 7 in 10 of you said the main reason for taking part in these activities is to improve your physical health, while 3 in 5 said it’s just for enjoyment. We can’t blame you – there is nothing nicer than going for a swim when it is this hot!

Food on the go

Our recent winners

Big congratulations to our WSP Champion winners Alastair, Philip, Bethany, Julian, Emma, Alex, Krupa, Claire and Simeon, who all won a £20 Amazon voucher.

Want to see you name up here? To qualify, you need to be a member for over a year and complete a minimum of six surveys in the past six months – you have a 1 in 100 chance of winning each month!

Congratulations to our survey winners as well, including Claire who tweeted in a photo of her with her prize below:

Winner May

It’s summertime!

This month, we got your thoughts on your media consumption habits over summer.

Almost 7 in 10 of you agree that you spend more time outside during summer than inside – we’re not surprised given all the gorgeous weather we’ve been having!

Over half of you have also said that you watch less TV over summer – no doubt TV shows such as Love Island will still have some of you hooked over the coming month.


Fast food: you think it’s grate!

We got your thoughts on fast food – and this doesn’t just mean unhealthy foods! It covers all food that is mass-produced food that is typically prepared and served quicker than traditional foods.

A third of you said that you buy food on-the-go as a treat, whilst another third of you say that you buy food on-the-go as you don’t have time to make lunch.

Nearly half of you pick up a quick bite to eat from supermarkets (sandwiches/salads etc,) whilst McDonald’s is still the most popular food on-the-go chain.

Despite this, a third of you try and choose healthy options when eating food on-the-go and a whopping 9 in 10 of you agree that the quality of ingredients used to make the food at these retailers is important to you.

Food on the go

Our recent winners

May has been a busy month with great prizes being won across surveys, creative judging panels and quizzes!

Big congratulations to Hannah, who was the lucky winner of an £100 John Lewis voucher! A £50 John Lewis voucher also went to Laura.

Congratulations also to Daksha, Simon, Helen, Bev, Christine and Pat who all bagged themselves a £25 Amazon voucher each.

Some final congratulations also for William, Lesley and Paul who won a £50 House of Fraser voucher each.

Please tweet us your photos at @workshopplay or email us at, as we love hearing from you and seeing how you’re enjoying your prizes!

If at first you don’t succeed; call it version 1.0

This month, we got your thoughts on all things tech - what tech you own, where you shop for it and what types of innovation you are most excited about!

The most popular items of innovative tech that appealed to you were a Hidrate Spark (a water bottle that glows when you haven’t drunk enough) and a Smart duvet with climate control (that preheats or cools your bed.)


I can hear the bells…

Two weeks ago, 35% of you planned to celebrate the Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (otherwise known as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle), with a quarter watching the ceremony on TV.

Here at WSP HQ, we loved watching the guests arrive and admiring their outfits!

Royal Wedding

Our recent winners

May has been a busy month with great prizes being won!

Our Champion winners for this month were Chris, Jennifer, Bailey, Sheila, Claire, Arwen, Caroline, Charlotte, Keith and Derek. Want to see you name up here? To qualify, you need to be a member for over a year and complete a minimum of six surveys in the past six months – you have a 1 in 100 chance of winning each month!

Congratulations to our survey winners as well, including Nadine who tweeted in a photo of her with her prize below:

Winner May

Beauty and Fashion

This month, we got your thoughts on all things beauty and fashion. We were interested in seeing what you usually buy, where you shop and what encourages you to make purchases.

We’ve learned that you’re savvy with your clothing purchases. 1 in 5 of you told us that you shop for clothes, shoes and accessories at least once a month, with one of the main reasons for shopping being to replace an old item. Price, things seen whilst out and about and fit/size available are the main motivators that encourage most of you to part with your cash.

1 in 5 of you buy skincare and beauty products at least once a month, with at least 3 in 5 purchasing in-store.

Beauty and Fasion

Hey (not so) big spender!

We also wanted to get your thoughts on what you’ve been spending your money on and, if you’ve been saving, what for.

Many of you thought that the UK was more concerned about the everyday cost of living than you were personally, with only 1 in 10 of you feeling very worried about living costs.

Over half of you described yourselves as both spenders and savers (and we’d say that’s the best of both worlds!). A third of you are thinking long-term and saving towards retirement, and a quarter are saving for a one-off expensive purchase (e.g. a car or kitchen).

Big Spender

Our recent winners

April has been a month jam-packed with great prizes being won! Were you one of our lucky winners this month?

A big congratulations to Vanessa, who was the lucky winner of an £150 Sainsbury's voucher! A £50 supermarket voucher each went to Ben and Karen. James and Heather also both won a £25 supermarket voucher each.

Congratulations also to Mary, who was the winner of an £150 Amazon voucher! Plus, Caroline, Emily, Vicky, Judy, Sheila, Emma won a £25 John Lewis voucher each.

Some final congratulations also for Wendy, who won a £100 Ticketmaster voucher and our WSP champion winners, Justin, David and Paul who won a £25 Amazon voucher each.

Here are a couple of our winners from last month with their prizes:


Please tweet us your photos @workshopplay or email us at, as we love hearing from you and seeing how you’re enjoying your prizes!

Forward thinking

This month, we were keen to hear your thoughts on the future of technology and travel. With so many new tech advancements on the way, we wanted to know what this might mean for you and your city!

Many of you are eager to see environmental improvements in your city. Most of you (91%) support tech advancements that use cleaner (renewable) energy and 71% of you think that your city will be cleaner (e.g. less pollution/rubbish) in the next 10 years.

City breaks

City breaks and accommodation

Thinking about holidays, nearly half of you have been on a city break in the last 12 months. The top three European cities visited were Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam.

We also wanted to learn which types of accommodation you use and what factors are important to you when deciding where to stay. Many of you (66%) have stayed in a hotel in the last 12 months, whilst only a few (14%) have stayed in a peer-to-peer rental (e.g. an AirBnB), describing it as private, flexible and fun.

City breaks

Our recent winners

March ends with loads of prizes already on their way to our members! Were you one of our lucky winners?

A big congratulations to Jennie, who was the lucky winner of an iPad 32GB! A £25 Amazon voucher each went to Philip, Laura and Hilary. Donna and Daniel also both won a £25 House of Fraser voucher each.

Congratulations also to Brian, who was the winner of an Amazon Echo smart speaker! Plus, Gareth, Richard, Beth, Laura, Debbie, Lisette also won a £25 Amazon voucher each. Prizes will be with you all soon!

Please tweet us your photos @workshopplay or email us at, as we love hearing from you and seeing how you’re enjoying your prizes!

A Summer of Sports

With plenty of sporting events taking place in 2018, we were curious to learn which ones you are most excited for.

The FIFA World Cup will be the most followed and anticipated sporting event of all with more than 44% of urbanites saying they will follow the World Cup this year.

We also learned that 51% of those following the World Cup will be out and about and 88% (nearly 9/10) will be using a mobile device to keep up to date with the event.

Confidence in the English team performance also seems to be growing – 38% said they expect England will reach the Quarter Finals , while 14% are optimistic the team will reach Semi-finals!

The second most followed event this year will be Wimbledon (41% following), while the Winter Olympics take third place with 38% following the event.

Gearing up for Christmas

The festive season is now officially in full swing. More than 3 in 5 say that they’ve already started their Christmas shopping, which is making Stefan here at HQ rather nervous as he is yet to start!

We've learnt that smartphones have now become people’s trusted shopping companions. 3 in 5 tell us that they’ve either used or are planning to use their phone to compare prices online with the prices they see in-store. A further 1 in 2 have used their smartphone to look up product reviews.

People seem to be enjoying the festive atmosphere of the high street, as 3 in 4 feel that it is a great place to go for Christmas shopping (despite the cold!).

The 'prove' is in the dough

The Great British Bake Off on Channel 4 has many converts!

After just one episode of The Great British Bake Off on the new channel, urbanites were beginning to feel more favourable. The number of people who felt negatively about the move fell from 44% to 13%, meaning the opening show won over a considerable number of the sceptics.

However, viewers were not so convinced by the show’s new hosts, with over two thirds (68%) of avid Bake Off fans who always watch the show believing Mel and Sue did a better job than Noel and Sandi. Let's see how they feel by the end of the series...

Our August Winners

A big shout out to our winners - we've had loads of prizes going out to our lucky members!

Starting off with Claire, who picked up one of our grand prizes - a £100 John Lewis voucher! Here's what she had to say:

"Wow thank you so much, I am over the moon! I intend to buy a couple of Christmas gifts and hopefully a little treat for myself...Again, thank you! xx."

She wasn't the only one to get a prize - Tom, Cassy, Vanessa, Sarah, Catriona and Penny also received a £50 John Lewis voucher.

Last but not least, Brian picked up a £50 cinema voucher, while Sarah got a £25 cinema voucher for taking part in our Twitter Film Quiz.

Don't forget, we run an exclusive champions draw every month on top of all of our other activities, so that you have even more chances to win.

Lights, camera, action!

A few weeks ago we asked some of you to share your opinions on all things film!

Comedy is the top film genre that urbanites tend to watch most often (62%), followed by action & adventure (59%), thriller (54%), science fiction (43%) and crime (38%).

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' is the most popular upcoming film, with 36% saying they're looking forward to seeing this later in the year.

Location, location, location!

Moving house can be a stressful, but pretty much everyone will have to move house at least once in their lives!

69% of urbanites are planning on moving house in the next 5 years - and of these, 57% are planning on buying their next home.

In fact, 27% expect to be moving house in the next 2 years, and this increases to 40% among Londoners.

Property search websites/ apps are key when it comes to house-hunting, with 57% having used them when they last moved house. However, this isn’t the only avenue used - 29% said they consulted friends/ family for advice, and 27% went to a high street estate agent to help them in their search too.

However people choose to research their next house, 81% agree that property search websites/ apps have made it a lot easier for people to find new properties.

Celebrating our July champions!

We'd like to congratulate some our latest champion members, who have been lucky winners in our exclusive champions prize draw this month.

Alex won the grand prize in our June champions draw, picking up a £50 John Lewis voucher. We also have a few of our exclusive goodie bags on their way for Justin, James, Rebecca, Louise and Roger.

Celebrating our July champions!

We'd like to congratulate some our latest champion members, who have been lucky winners in our exclusive champions prize draw this month.

Alex won the grand prize in our June champions draw, picking up a £50 John Lewis voucher. We also have a few of our exclusive goodie bags on their way for Justin, James, Rebecca, Louise and Roger.

Our June winners

We have loads of prizes for our members again this month! Charleyn picked up our grand prize this month, an iPad Mini.

Jackie, Charlene, Barry, Elene and Natalie each won a £25 John Lewis voucher as well - we'd love to know how you decide to treat yourselves.

We're still selecting winners as we speak and there are 15 vouchers still up for grabs before the end of the month (including a £100 John Lewis voucher!). So keep your eyes on your inbox in case you’ve been chosen in one of our prize draws.

Please tweet us your photos @workshopplay or email us at, as we love seeing how you’re enjoying your prizes!

How do you fancy your chances?

Whether it’s the big Lottery jackpot, the office sweepstake for Grand National or the odd game of online bingo, it seems that we are a nation of gamblers, as 72% of us have engaged in some form of gambling in the past 6 months.

Though nearly 3 in 5 say they make calculated decisions, 2 in 5 gamblers say they love the thrill of it. Whilst 88% admit that gambling can be a dangerous habit, 92% also think that gambling in moderation can be enjoyable.

Finding love online

60% of urbanites say they know couples that have met via an online dating app/website (increasing to 75% of those aged 16-34!).

However, people are still reluctant to admit they’re dating people they’ve met online, as only 34% of you have confessed to using an online dating app/website now or in the past. Things don’t seem to add up guys!

Nonetheless, 61% of urbanites say they’re coming round to the idea that online dating apps/websites have become the norm. 62% of urbanites agree that online dating apps/websites are a good way to meet new people, while 23% think that they take the stress out of dating. Have you been to a Tinder wedding yet?

Celebrating our champions

We'd like to congratulate some our latest champion members, who have been lucky winners in our exclusive champions prize draw this month.

Carla won the grand prize in our June champions draw, picking up a £50 Amazon voucher. We also have a few of our exclusive goodie bags on their way for Ellie, Chris, Elisa, John and Christopher.

Keen on new tech

Recently, we’ve noticed that loads of tech developments have been popping up, giving you access to products or services that aim to solve day-to-day problems, often through apps.

65% of you said you love hearing about new apps that could make life easier, while 70% of you like the wide choice available with so many tech developments.

It's no surprise then that you keep an average of 33 different apps on your devices!

Stefan here at HQ feels that social media can often kill conversations, as news travels so quickly nowadays. However, there’s still hope, as 60% say they still find out about new apps and tech-led services from friends & family.

Celebrating our champions

We wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate some of our latest champion members, Amelia, Edward, Grace and Kirsten, who were each rewarded with a £20 Amazon voucher in our special champions draw this month. Bobbie was our grand prize winner, picking up a £50 Amazon voucher. Here’s some of what they’ve had to say in the past couple of weeks...


Jet-setting across the globe

People like to plan ahead when it comes to their long haul holidays, and with 45% likely to go to a far-flung destination in the next 12 months, they are probably already thinking about it! In fact, 1 in 2 urban dwellers planned their last long haul holiday at least 6 months in advance.

Londoners seem to be the most raring to go away, as 2 in 5 people in the Capital describe themselves as ‘Globetrotters’, who live for their holidays.

Finances don’t seem to be a massive worry and despite the drop in the value of the Pound, 78% say that holidays are still at the top of their list of priorities.

Culture Vultures

Last month, we invited a number of members to take part in our second ever live panel member event. During this event, some of you got to share your opinions face-to-face with our friends in the arts industry, who represented iconic establishments such as the British Museum, the Royal Academy and the Open Air Theatre.

The event was a real success and our friends from the arts industry loved meeting you and hearing your opinions.

As a result, we’re already planning the next panel member event in the coming months. Keep your eyes peeled to find out how you can get the chance to take part!

Shop 'til you drop!

Department stores have been long-standing British shopping institutions, with Fortnum & Mason (the first store of its kind) opening its doors as far back as 1707! This month, we wanted to get your thoughts on what makes department stores such great places to shop.

Results revealed that it’s often about finding the right present, as nearly 1 in 2 say they shop in department stores because they see them as good places for finding gifts. In fact, 8 out of 10 agree that department stores make gift shopping a whole lot easier.

Our round-up for 2016...

We'd like to take this opportunity to express a big 'thank you' for all of your hard work this year. 2016 has been a great journey and we want to tell you more about what you’ve been part of. Scroll down to read all about it...

More winners than ever!
We’ve been busy this year, giving away over 220 prizes. That's about 18 prizes a month, including iPads, supermarket vouchers, Kindle Fires, Amazon and John Lewis vouchers, and many more!

Friday surveys and forum discussions
We ran over 30 Friday surveys and 11 successful forum discussions in 2016. We've loved hearing your opinions, so thanks for sharing them with us!

One Minute Mondays
This year we launched our ‘One Minute Monday’ surveys, and have so far run 15. In these 60 second studies, you’ve shared your opinions with us on everything from Brexit and smartphone apps to the Great British Bake Off.

Video surveys
In 2016, we ran 3 video surveys for the first time ever with the community. In these videos you shared your lunch with us and told us all about the cities that you live in. Keep an eye out for more of these next year!

Meeting members
In June 2016, we met some of our members for the first time in history! We got to hear about their experiences as part of the community and spoke to them a bit about some of their upcoming travel plans. Following this, we also hosted a community event; in speed dating style, we invited some of our most dedicated embers to come and speak with travel companies about their holidays and travel planning.

Getting social!
We got social in 2016, and ran 4 Twitter quizzes and 1 Twitter competition @workshopplay. We tested your knowledge on everything from well-being to sporting facts, and have reached more than 2,600 followers (growing by 200 since last year!)

Bloggers and Vloggers: a rising influence

Fashion and beauty vloggers (who produce video content) and bloggers (who produce written content) seem to be gaining more and more influence among fashionistas across the country.

Our recent survey revealed that 1 in 5 now trust the opinions and reviews of vloggers and bloggers. 1 in 4 also see vlogs and blogs as a great way to get ideas and stay in the know when it comes to fashion and beauty.

All in all, it's about making fashion and beauty more accessible, as 1 in 5 say they find it easy to relate to these kinds of fashion and beauty bloggers or vloggers.

Animated Films: not just for kids!

At HQ, we have a passion for animated films and we wanted to get your thoughts on what makes a great one.

In order for an animated film to be great, 74% of you think that it needs to be enjoyable for both children and adults at the same time, while 72% believe that humour is also a must.

A catchy song (for example, the infamous 'Let it go! Let it go!') is an integral part among 41%, along with a moral storyline (39%) and a good dose of unusual characters (28%).


Love your City!

Last month, we were keen to find out what you love about the cities that you work, shop and play in. It seems that most of you feel lucky to have a variety of different cities across the UK you can visit, each with their own identity and unique attributes. Here's what you've told us...

This survey revealed that 87% of urbanites like the fact that each town around the country has its own unique identity. What’s more, 80% say they love learning about the history of cities in the UK. However, 77% believe that ultimately it's the local people that make a city great.

When looking for things to do in other cities, 61% rely on recommendations from friends and family, while 55% look up things to do online. 61% will also take notice of things seen whilst travelling around the city.

Thinking about your prospects?

Lately, we've noticed a lot of job search apps and websites springing up. So we wanted to find out if this is driving people to move jobs.

3 in 5 think that job hunting is now easier than it has ever been. Maybe that's why 1 in 3 of you have changed jobs in the past 2 years.

For just about 1 in 2 of you, job websites have been the first port of call when searching for new roles, but 2 in 5 of you have applied directly through a company's website.

Despite all this, 3 in 5 still find the job hunting process to be quite stressful (we don't disagree there!).


Love your City!

Last month, we were keen to find out what you love about the cities that you work, shop and play in. It seems that most of you feel lucky to have a variety of different cities across the UK you can visit, each with their own identity and unique attributes. Here's what you've told us...

This survey revealed that 87% of urbanites like the fact that each town around the country has its own unique identity. What’s more, 80% say they love learning about the history of cities in the UK. However, 77% believe that ultimately it's the local people that make a city great.

When looking for things to do in other cities, 61% rely on recommendations from friends and family, while 55% look up things to do online. 61% will also take notice of things seen whilst travelling around the city.

Over 150 winners so far in 2016!

We wanted to give a big shout out to our winners so far this year… and we’ve still got plenty to come!

We've rewarded loads of our members this year so far and we'd like to congratulate our grand prize winners. Some of them have even sent us pictures of them with their prizes – which we always like to receive. We're really happy to see that you're enjoying your prizes.

There are loads more prizes to be won, so keep an eye on your inbox for our latest surveys and activities, or in case you're one of our lucky winners.


Bake On or Bake Off?

The news that the Great British Bake Off will be moving from BBC to Channel 4 next season took us all by surprise, and left a lot of people worried about the future of the show.

However, despite 1 in 2 feeling negative about the move, 1 in 4 say they'll still watch the Great British Bake Off when it moves to Channel 4.

This being said, 64% think the show won’t be the same without Sue and Mel as presenters.

Taking gaming to the next level

It seems the whole world went mad for Pokémon Go this summer. If you're anything like Stefan here at HQ, you've been spending your lunch breaks searching for Pokémon gyms (trying to evolve your Squirtle, obviously).

When asked about it in our latest gaming survey, 9 out of 10 said they were aware of the game. 65% think Pokémon Go is a great way to get people up and out of their houses and 61% find that it is a great way to combine fitness and fun for gamers.

Time for a quick drink?

In our recent drinks survey, we asked you to share your opinions with us all about how, when and where you go when heading out for a drink with friends.

The most popular alcoholic drink that you’ve drunk in the last 3 months is white wine (56%), closely followed by red wine 52%) and lager (51%). In addition, more than 2 in 5 of you go out for a drink at least once a week, and this increases up to 57% among Londoners.

Of course, cocktails are big right now – and we wanted to know what kind of cocktail you would describe yourself as. 21% of you told us that if you were a cocktail you’d be a Margarita – laid back and cool. 19% said you’d be a Mojito – refreshing and uplifting, whilst 18% of you thought of yourselves as an Old Fashioned – timeless and an old classic.

Live panel session with our members

In July, our members shared their opinions at our first ever community event.

We hosted a live panel session where, in speed dating style, we invited 7 of our most loyal members to come and speak with travel companies about their holidays and travel planning.

One of the travel brands present told us: “The session was really enjoyable, interesting and timely - particularly given the challenges and changes currently facing travel companies”.

Our members enjoyed the event as much as the travel companies did - well, at least that's what they told us! Everyone's feedback was that they wished they could've spent longer talking about travel.

Building on this success, we’re already planning our next panel member event in the coming months. So keep your eyes peeled for our communications to find out how you can take part!

That's a wrap!

With summer blockbusters now hitting the big screens, we asked you to share your film and cinema feedback with us - whilst we also tested some of your classic film knowledge!

8 out of 10 agreed that going to the cinema enhances the overall experience of a film, and 1 in 4 say they like to make an event of it. For some, it's a nice way to break the week, as 2 in 5 choose to go to the cinema between Monday - Wednesday on a regular basis.

Nonetheless, as much as we like the cinema, more than half of those aged 16-34 say they now also watch a lot of the latest films using streaming services (such as Netflix or Amazon Prime).

One Minute Monday: Yoghurt

Yoghurt comes in all flavours and as an urban audience, 85% of us have eaten at least one type of yoghurt in the last 3 months.

The favourite variety is Greek (or Greek-style) yoghurt (50%) closely followed by Natural yoghurt (40%) and low fat yoghurt (40%) – very healthy!

The most popular time to eat yoghurt is at breakfast although it isn’t our first choice of snack, 83% agree that yoghurt is a healthy alternative to other desserts/ treats. How do you like to eat yoghurt? Stefan's loves having Greek yoghurt on top of crumpets with fruit and honey - sounds delicious!


Despite a pretty chilly week, the Met Office say this summer could be one of the hottest on record!

To see how British summer savvy you lot are, we ran a #socialsummer quiz on twitter. How did you score against the average sun-kissed urbanite?

Our quiz has now come to its end and we are proud to announce our winner is… (drum roll)… @rebeccam_92!

Congrats! A £50 Amazon voucher is on the way

State of the Nation

Almost half told us they feel better off now compared to 5-6 years ago. Let the good times roll!

Every 6 months, we ask you to share your opinions about the nation as a whole, and there was a real positive feel running through this survey, as people showed a deep level of trust for some of the institutions making an impact in their local areas.

On a 1 to 10 scale of trust, the establishments that scored highest were community shops, the police and charities. It's nice to see how people across the country are coming together to celebrate their communities!

The survey also revealed that 2 in 5 currently describe their financial situation as healthy, with enough money left at the end of the month for a few luxuries or savings.

However, although 1 in 4 are feeling cautious about how much they spend and are saving more than they did before, over 3 in 5 still plan to take a holiday in the next 6 months to cheer themselves up. What's more, for more than 2 in 5 this is highest on their list of priorities!

More than 70 Prizes Given Away this Year and Counting!

This is Charlotte’s favourite part of the job: announcing even more prize winners!

We’ll start with congratulations to Juan who bagged himself an iPad mini, Sarah, Moira, Phillip and Rachel who each got a Time Out Card and an even bigger well done to Margaret who won Tickets for her and five friends to a Time Out event of her choice!

We moreover not only gave Styler, Jessica, Gianluca, Penny, Laura, Rob, Philippa and Olga a £25 John Lewis voucher and Renate, Ray and Mark a £20 Amazon voucher but Will nabbed himself a £200 John Lewis Voucher and Trisha got her hands on a £200 Red Letter Day voucher!

Last but not least, another big congratulations to the winners of our May #KeepItLocal Twitter competition! Sue won our grand prize, a £100 Red Letter Day voucher. Our runners up Nikki and Rose each picked up a £20 Amazon voucher. We loved your photos!

Keep your eyes peeled for our survey emails in case you're one of our lucky winners!

Can you Hear the Bells Ring?

We don’t know about you, but here at’s HQ, we’re always on our mobiles and like 88% of the population, we spend our time scrolling on smartphones.

Whilst Lesley swears by her monthly contract (like 3 in 5 of the population), Stefan is like the 21% who prefer to use pay as you go.

Unsurprisingly the most popular make of phone is the iPhone (37%), closely followed by Samsung (26%) and the most favoured networks are EE (30%), O2 (27%) and Vodafone (17%).

3 in 5 are thinking of staying with operator when their contract is up. This is mainly due to good network coverage (50%) and it being good value for money (44%). Although 2 in 5 are thinking of looking around once their contract is up as shopping around gets you a better deal, with an average spend of £26.70 a month, we think we’ve already got some pretty great deals.

Eurovision Fever

According to the European Broadcasting Union, this year’s contest attracted over 200 million viewers!

We don't know about you, but here at we were glued to our TV screens during this Eurovision Song Contest. So we wanted to hear your opinions on this very 'unique' European event and here's some of what you've told us...

"I watch it but do not take it seriously at all, miss Terry for his comments but Graham does pretty well - he has had a hard act to follow" - Female, 45-54

"Love Eurovision, watch it every year without fail. I usually have people over, do the drinking game, run a sweepstake so everyone has countries to cheer on. I'm pretty cynical most of the time but even I cannot help but enjoy the whole thing" - Male, 35-44

Tyres, Trains and Travel

With commuting distances becoming ever longer, the use of transport is more important than ever before. As a nation, our favourite form of transport is the car (85%) with 1 in 2 using it several times a week or more.

In fact, 68% of the nation have at least one car in the household and over their lifetime, 1 in 4 have owned over 6 cars – that’s a lot of fuel! When it comes to purchasing a new car, 81% had a say in the decision and 1 in 4 have bought a new car in the last 12 months.

Whilst Stefan enjoys his commutes in, Charlotte doesn’t so much and can sometimes be a bit of a hothead when it comes to taking the tube! Interestingly, different forms of transport can be linked to different moods. When travelling by train, 4 in 10 say they feel calm whilst 1 in 4 travelling by Bus say they feel impatient and 1 in 3 travelling by car feel alert (hopefully these people are the ones driving!).

3 Things in May

In our latest 3 Things survey, we asked you about Tech, Beauty and Sport.

Tech is very much part of our lives now. So much so, 91% own a PC / Laptop and 88% own a smartphone. It seems that the most recent asset is wearable tech (such as the smartwatch) which 2 in 3 have purchased within the last year. The most appealing piece of wearable tech at the moment are wristbands (e.g. Fitbit) (41% agree) whilst the least appealing are glasses (e.g. Google Glass) (60% disagree).

In the beauty sector, the most bought products in the last 3 months are: Shampoo (78%), Conditioner (51%) and Razors (47%). 1 in 3 have also bought lip balm and 43% said their purchase was influenced by price.

Finally, 2 in 3 said they follow some sort of sporting event. The most popular sports were: Football (39%), Tennis (28%) and Rugby (23%). 3 in 5 have attended a live sporting event in the last year and the most popular method to reach these events have been via car (64%).

#KeepingItLocal Twitter Competition

To mark the beginning of the summer – and the May Bank Holiday weekend – we ran a new Twitter competition, asking you guys to share with us your favourite local community photographs.

What a great response we got! You sent us photos of everything from local parks, summer festivals and community gatherings – and we struggled to pick our top 3 for the winning prizes.

Congratulations Sue, the winner of our £100 Red Letter Day voucher, and a big shout out to Rose and Nikki, our runners up who each received a £20 Amazon voucher.


Money makes the World go Round

We know banking isn't exactly a topic that makes you jump for joy but it's still important! Some would even say that money makes the world go round.

Although Charlotte loves the image of everyone hiding their money in mattresses, truth of the matter is 97% hold a current account. The most popular banks to have a current account with are Santander, HSBC and Natwest. When asked why they are with their current provider, 49% said purely because they have always been with them. In fact, 2 in 3 do not have another account with any other bank. How very loyal!

Luckily 90% are satisfied with their banking and so are 27% more likely to open another account with their current bank than switch.

Our Recent Winners

Congratulations to Susanne and Rebecca who have won a £25 Amazon voucher each for their participation in the One Minute Monday survey!

Don't forget, the more you take part, the greater your chance of winning a prize! More winners to be announced soon.

Time For Rest and Relaxation

Everyone likes the occasional bit of time off to recharge.

Like Nicola, 89% think it’s important to take off to invest in yourself (e.g. visiting a spa) and 53% think they waste their annual leave if they don’t go away / abroad and 52% feel guilty if they aren't productive with this extra time.

Although 55% have taken time off to visit friends and family, 47% have booked out a day or two just to relax.
Sounds good to us!

Our Recent Winners

First off, congratulations Alison, Tracy, Elaine and James who each grabbed themselves a £50 voucher for a supermarket of their choice, to go towards their weekly shopping bill (good chance to stock up for a BBQ maybe?).

Also, a big well done to Naomi, Emma, Barrie and Lara who each picked up a £25 John Lewis voucher.

More winners to be announced soon!

Summer Trends

As the fashion trends are constantly changing, we wanted to know what you thought of the newest developments.

In the fashion world, off shoulder tops (52% agree) seems to be in favour with the community – Net clothing (80% disagree), baggy trousers (71% disagree) and Anoraks (71% disagree)? Not so much.

What's On Your Gogglebox?

Couch potato or not, watching the TV is a favourite pastime for many. In fact 96% of our urban audience say they watch TV and the top 3 genres to watch are:

1. Drama (75%)
2. Documentary (53%)
3. Sitcom / Comedies (53%)

55% have a subscription service and 70% of this figure has their TV contract included within a bundle.

The likelihood of switching once a contract has been started remains low at 15% and 4 in 5 have not switched provider in the last 2 years.

Older posts

Recent Winners

Did you know there has been more than 70 prize winners this year so far?

A quick shout out to our lucky winners Miriam, Dave & Anna who filled their boots with a £100 John Lewis voucher each - just in time to refresh that summer wardrobe.

Moreover, a big well done to Sarah and Susan who took home a £50 Amazon voucher each.

More winners to come soon!

Love Your City

When thinking about our local cities, we all have various aspects we like about them.

44% said the best thing about their city is its history whilst 43% say it’s the transport links.

The most visited city over the last 12 months is London (45%) but only 1 in 5 would consider actually move there if given the option.

Inspiration for things to do mainly came from friends or family (39%) the main reasons given for a city visit was to go shopping (41%) or go out for lunch or dinner (37%).

9 in 10 say that the atmosphere of a city is as important as the shops and things to do there and 86% like that each city in the UK has its own unique identity.

Newcastle was voted the most friendly city in the UK (24%), whilst Edinburgh is seen as the most relaxing (24%) and the most beautiful (50%).

When was the last time you gave your local city a visit?

Short Breaks

Now summer is rolling around, it’s time to turn our holiday fantasies into reality.

Over the last 12 months, short breaks have been the most common form of break taken (54%). Although it’s most common to have taken two short breaks, 1 in 4 have taken over 4!

79% have a number of city breaks on their hit list and like Charlotte, 3 in 5 often spend their days day dreaming about packing their suitcases and getting away from the everyday chaos.

When it came to their last trip away, urbanites said their top 3 priorities were:
1. The destination (48%)
2. The quality of accommodation (38%)
3. Going somewhere brand new (36%)

Like Stefan, 47% admitted they also spent more for a more convenient location and like Lesley, 37% spent more on a place with good reviews to ensure they had a good time.

What are your must haves when going away?

Our Quick Polls

Our quick polls were launched as part of our website refresh and are an easy and fun way for you to have your say on topical events and subjects.

These quick polls have quickly become the most loved part of the portal among you guys. Here's some of what you've told us so far...

Getting Generous On Payday

If you're anything like Stefan here at HQ (who's been counting his pennies over the past two weeks), you can finally breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to payday.

In the lead up to payday, 1 in 4 daydream about how to spend money. However, it seems that necessities still take priority on payday, with 51% splurging on groceries before anything else.

Despite all this, 55% say that it doesn't take much persuasion for them to treat themselves and it seems these moments are often spontaneous, with 1 in 3 decisions affected by being in a good mood. What's on your treat list for this month?

Our Recent Winners

We've given away heaps of prizes this month - 38 so far, almost too many to count! We'd like to congratulate all of our winners and thank everybody so far this year for continuing to share opinions with us.

A quick shout out to our grand prize winners.

Congratulations Tony for winning a Kindle Fire, and good going Jen for grabbing yourself £60 worth of Waitrose vouchers.

Moreover, well done to Debbie, Sharon, Caroline and Elisa for each nabbing a £50 Amazon voucher and to Kevin, John, Emma, Kristin, Beth, Liz, Paul, Jaidip, Elvis, Denise, Rachel, Alex and Tom - your £20 Amazon vouchers are on their way.

Last but not least, well done Zara on winning our voucher trio. We hope you work. an appetite for steak to spend your £150 voucher at Gaucho, shop. till you drop with your £150 Selfridges voucher and play. like a film critic with your £150 cinema voucher.

How Do You Play In Your City?

Now the weather is warming up, it’s a perfect time to get our social calendars booked up. 1 in 4 typically go out to eat or drink 1-2 times a week. During the week, the urban audience is 24% more likely to be spontaneous and make plans on the day.

The top influencers when deciding where to go are: quality of food or drink (76%), recommendations from friends or family (70%) and good value (64%).

Unsurprisingly Thursday, Friday and Saturdays are the favourite days to go out. Like Lesley, if there is food or drinks involved, 68% like to book tables in advance to avoid disappointment – especially if it is a special occasion or the place is difficult to get into.

Like 36% of the community, Stefan is always on the hunt for somewhere new to try. The top ways they find out about new places are through: word of mouth (82%), online research (48%) and social media (41%).

Soft Drinks

Charlotte here at's HQ loves all things sweet. Therefore it is no surprise that she regularly has a soft drink. Across the UK, the most popular choices of soft drink are:

  • Ginger Beer
  • Cola (e.g. Coke, Pepsi)
  • Squash

1 in 5 also love a good non-isotonic energy drink with Monster being the most popular choice. On the other hand, like Lesley, 59% tend to avoid this fizzy tins of energy as they contain too much sugar.


Condiments are coming back into fashion this year. What better way to enhance your meal than with a dollop of ketchup on your burger, or a teaspoon of pickle in your cheese sandwich? Although 87% buy condiments as they are running out and need a top up, 1 in 3 bought their last purchase because it looked like an interesting flavour. Red wine vinegar anyone?

Mayonnaise and mustard are the most bought condiments (with 86% of urbanite having purchased them within the last 6 months) and 80% like to stick with their loved and trusted brands. When we asked why condiments aren't bought more often, 57% stated that they just weren't part of their regular diet.

So Fashion

Fortunately, unlike the 9% who wear clothes because they have to, 70% care about what they wear - although they don’t necessarily follow the trends. 1 in 10 even consider themselves fashionistas!

We've had some interesting trends over the last few years including brightly coloured skinny jeans, 90’s-style bomber jackets and preppy boat shoes. Some we've loved, some… not so much.

The top three trends that the urban population wishes to disappear are: shell suits (55%), harem trousers (48%) and Uggs (39%).

Of course a lot of our inspiration and the trends that we love and loath comes from the catwalk. 1 in 3 tuned in for London Fashion Week in February this year and 86% agree that the event is a good opportunity to showcase young British designers.

When it comes to fashion icons, 1 in 4 say that Audrey Hepburn is the greatest icon, however 23% argue that this title should go to David Bowie.

Summertime Fun

Stefan here at WSP’s HQ cannot wait for summer to begin. Longer days and BBQ’s? Yes please!

Like Lesley, 63% think the start of summer begins when it is warm enough to leave your coat at home.

There's a whole host of exciting events taking place across the UK this summer - almost too many to choose from! 50% of 16-24’s find music festivals and gigs a tempting summertime activity whilst 25-34’s are 39% more likely to find food events like Eat, Drink, Discover Scotland appealing.

58% find out about these kind of events through word of mouth, but this is closely followed by browsing online (56%) and social media (50%).

1 in 3 will decide whether they will go within 2 weeks of the event and the majority (59%) stick to the nearby area, travelling a maximum of 2 hours to attend a day event.

Our Recent Winners

Spring is almost upon us. The days are getting longer, the days are getting warmer and at WSP's HQ, we have even more winners to announce!

A big congratulations to Giles, Annie, Amy, Tor and Paul who won a £50 Amazon voucher each as well as Titus, Sarah, Jade and Jo who have won a £20 Amazon voucher each. But that's not all, a £200 Amazon voucher is on its way to Liz and a £250 John Lewis Voucher is on its way to Faye.

Last but not least, we hope that David, Mark, Filiz and Rosemary enjoy their £50 John Lewis vouchers.

Stay tuned, we will have more winners to announce very soon!

Is it time for a Holiday yet?

As much as we love our jobs at WSP HQ, the team are constantly planning their next trip away. Like 60% of the population, Lesley tries to have at least one big holiday away every year. In our poll, Iceland, France and the US came up as the most popular potential destinations.

During their last holiday, most urbanites were looking for rest and relaxation (67%) and sun and sea (48%). However, 1 in 5 were looking for adventure!

During their last trip, 57% were looking to switch off from everyday life but only 46% managed to do that completely and it took on average 3 days to do so.

1 in 3 say they often have leftover annual leave at the end of the year, so what are you waiting for?

The Year Ahead

2016 is set to be a huge year for sport. Although we’re not all like Stefan who will watch pretty much every football fixture going, as a country we’re quite a sporty bunch with 2 in 3 saying they show some interest. The most anticipated sporting events are the Rio Olympics (35%), the UEFA European Championship (21%) and Wimbledon (13%).

Rio is the talk of the town at the moment and like Charlotte, a whopping 97% are planning to tune in to watch an event at some point. The most anticipated events are track and field followed by gymnastics, football and swimming. It looks like it’s going to be a Mobile Olympics with 73% of Londoners using their mobile to find out information, 34% using their mobiles to keep up to date with highlights, and 1 in 10 using their mobile to read, watch or listen to a full event.

In WSP’s HQ, although we’re practicing our samba, a large amount of talk has also been about the Euros. Like 75% of you, Lesley is planning on catching a couple of the matches on TV. Although only 13% will be seeing these matches in person, 4 in 5 plan on keeping up to date with team news to stay in the know – most likely when at home (75%), via mobile (45%) or at work (34%).

Our Recent Winners

It's been a busy month once again here at HQ, with loads of prizes going out to our lucky winners.

First off, congratulations to Danny, who was the lucky winner of the brand new iPad mini. Three £100 John Lewis vouchers each went to Gary, Andrew and Zaineb while Almudena grabbed herself a £50 John Lewis voucher.

Last but not least, six John Lewis vouchers worth £25 each went to Sarah, Matt, Mark, Heidrun & Rosalind, while Sophie received a £20 Amazon voucher.

Please send us photos of the treats you've spent your vouchers on. Carlene, the girls at HQ loved your Glamglow Luxurt Supermud.

Myth-Busting Ice Cream

Ice cream is traditionally seen as more of a warm weather treat - you're probably imagining yourself on a beach, on a warm summer's day, sun blazing... However, contrary to what you may think...

Leap Year

61% think that the leap year tradition of women proposing on leap day is irrelevant in today’s society. However, 1 in 3 disagree with this, thinking that this tradition is still relevant.

Although 93% think that women can propose any day of the year, women are more likely to think that men should be the ones to propose.

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is often a mixed bag. We found that 36% love it but 10% loath it. This could be that 46% think that Valentine’s Day is a hassle, whether you’re in a relationship or not. In fact, 4 in 5 think that it’s an over-commercialised holiday. Then again, 54% agree that, with constant bad news in the media, it’s nice to have a positive day in the calendar, and almost half (47%) will be celebrating it in some way, shape or form.

Pancake Day Twitter Competition

February saw Shrove Tuesday descend upon us - Lesley's favourite day of the year! So in order to mark the occasion, we ran a Twitter competition asking you to submit photos of your best pancake creations.

And what a great response we got! You sent us loads of photos, and we had the difficult task of browsing through all the photos of your delicious looking pancakes to try and choose a winner. In the end we picked 5 - Congratulations Marsha, the winner of our grand prize, a Nutribullet. A big shout to our runners up as well, Clare and Caroline, who won a £20 Amazon voucher each. Two additional WSP tote bags went to Melissa & Gemma.

Super Bowl

Anything that is big in America will most certainly make its way over to us in the UK and that can be certainly be said about the Super Bowl with 84% of the UK’s urban audience saying they are aware of it. Despite this, only 15% will actually be watching. This may be because over half (54%) don't have enough understanding of the sport. Nevertheless, 58% agree that big sporting events are great for bringing family and friends together.

Pancake Day

Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Day as it is also known as) is Lesley's favourite day of the year and with 69% of the urban audience, will be making pancakes this year.

Of those celebrating Shrove Tuesday, 77% will making pancakes on the actual day and 12% will be making them the weekend before.

The most popular pancakes toppings are the traditional lemon (61%) and sugar (59%). However, the next favourite pancake toppings include: Maple syrup 28%, Chocolate spread 23%, Banana 20%, Blueberries 14%, Strawberries 13% - sweet definitely wins over savoury!

Brand New Video!

We've created a new video to show both new and existing members how they can get involved in the full range of activities, become a loyal member and play an active role in the community. Check it out:

Our Recent Winners

A big thank you to Claudine, Emma and Philip who each have been given a £50 Amazon voucher for helping us with our creative testing!

Oscar Nominations

It's been a season of blockbuster releases and there have been lots of debates around this year's Academy Award contenders. We wanted to get some of your thoughts in the run-up to the Oscars...

Anyone for Tennis?

To kick-start a year full of exciting sporting events, both Johanna Konta & Andy Murray managed to reach the final stages Australian Open, with Murray going on to fight for the title this weekend. Have you been following the action?


January is certainly a unique time of year: queues to use gym equipment, empty bars and fridges full of salads – although Charlotte argues that you need to eat all of the chocolate first to avoid temptation.

What did you get for Christmas? The top 3 most popular gifts to give were:

1. Clothing / footwear / accessories
2. Food
3. Books

Back in December, Stefan took his nephew to a local pantomime and Lesley made the most of the festive season by practising her singing skills at a London carol concert. The most popular activities undertaken by the rest of the nation during this time were:

1. Buying Christmas-themed food and drink
2. Visiting a Christmas market
3. Going to see the Christmas lights

68% agreed that they were looking out for inspiration whilst out and about and a further 63% agree that the high street was a great place for Christmas – no wonder 39% came back after shopping with more than they had intended to buy!

Our Recent Winners

January blues may be settling in for some, so to cheer the mood, we’ve given away even more prizes to turn those frowns upside down.

A big congratulations to John who won an iPad mini as well as to Emma, Emma, Jennifer, Sophie and Val who have nabbed themselves a £20 Amazon voucher each.

Last but not least, Martin, Andrew and Mark have won £100 worth of Selfridges vouchers each. Fancy taking us shopping?

State of the Nation: Wave 8

As we all know the economic situation of the UK can be quite volatile, so every once and awhile we like to check in and see how you are feeling about it.
64% said they were troubled to some extent about the economic climate and 24% are cautious about how much they spend, although 42% said they do feel they are better off than 5 or 6 years ago.

Like 48% of the population, Charlotte doesn’t really have a budget but keeps track of what she spends. Nicola however (like 21% of the population) prefers to keep a stricter approach and will more often than not stick to her allowance.

The biggest categories of spend are mortgages or rent (21%), bills (17%) and groceries (16%).

Aside from finances, other global issues that tend to concern us currently are global conflict (91%), the possibility of a terror attack on the UK (85%) as well as the capabilities of our current government (77%).

More positive news next week, we promise!

Inside: Ho Ho How Are You Feeling About Christmas?

Christmas is certainly a magic time of year. Friends and family coming together, bustling shoppers looking for gifts for their loved ones and the almost acceptable excuse for Lesley to eat chocolate for breakfast. 92% of the community celebrate Christmas and 47% of those who don’t still typically buy gifts.

Although 48% say the start of December signifies the beginning of the Christmas period, 36% will hold in their seasonal spirit until the Christmas lights are switched on. 57% however will have started their shopping with more than 4 weeks to go until the big day! 10% even admit to thinking about Christmas throughout the year.

The top 3 gifts people tend to buy are:
1. Clothing / footwear / accessories (57%)
2. Food (55%)
3. Books (45%)

With it being an expensive time of year, it can be no surprise to see that like Nicola, 47% describe themselves as Savvy Shoppers, taking advantage of discounts, deals and vouchers. Charlotte is more of a Delivery Dependent (ordering most of the shopping online) and cannot stand the idea of leaving things until the last minute like 9% of the population do.

Our Recent Winners

In December, the giving season was definitely upon us at HQ as we gave away over £1300 worth of prizes! Were you one of our lucky 24 winners?

A big congratulations to Andrew who won an iPad mini and to Anne, Orla, Nicole and Antonia who nabbed £100 worth of John Lewis vouchers each!

Sue, Ruth, Laura, Pedro, Gianluca, Louise, Victoria, Mark, Carolyn, Rachel, Anna, Claire and Carlene also each won a £25 John Lewis voucher whilst a £20 Amazon voucher went to Alan.

Last but not least, Santa came early for Natalie who won a £200 Tesco voucher, Laura who won a £100 Waitrose voucher, Norman who won a £50 Morrisons voucher and Nigel and Jennifer who both won a £50 voucher for M&S!

Black Friday

We all love a good American export… Friends... iPhones... Halloween… and now Black Friday. Although only 27% bought something last year, 99% say they are aware of the madness that is Black Friday and / or Cyber Monday.

While 84% think the two days are over-hyped, 81% stated they got some great deals last year. This could be because 71% admitted they had a battle plan of the particular stores / websites they wanted to visit.

With 35% saying they found the battle for bargains stressful, perhaps it would be time for them to join the 87% who agreed that Cyber Monday is a great way to make the most of the sales without having to join the crowds.

2 Things in November

There is always lots of chatter in HQ about what we are all getting up to the weekend. Like 35% of the population, Nicola likes to have a think about what she wants to do a couple of days beforehand. However, like 12% of the population, Charlotte prefers to be spontaneous and decide on the day.

If you’re stuck for ideas, you could go to one of the top UK attractions (as voted by the community):

1. A Science Museum (18%)
2. The Natural History Museum (14%)
3. Tower of London (12%)

The theatre is also a popular destination with 70% attending in the last 12 months. Whilst 48% will get tickets for a Museum or Gallery on the day, 55% will book a theatre ticket at least a month in advance – love the organisation!

Our Recent Winners

In November we gave away more prizes than usual here at Were you one of the lucky winners?!

A big congratulations to Zaineb, who was the lucky winner of an iPad Air and to John, who nabbed himself a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Lindsay also won a £200 Amazon voucher, just in time for Christmas shopping! Five £20 Amazon vouchers also went to Fiona, Rosy, Sarah, Alison and Tracy.

Last but not least, Felipe, Katherine, Alec, Brittni & Sue each received a Time Out card, so that they can go out and discover London’s greatest hangouts & activities.



Bills, bills, bills! They seem to rule our worlds, especially the dreaded utility bills! British Gas is the most popular choice for both electricity and gas and 1 in 3 say they have been with their provider for over 5 years. What commitment!

Despite this, 44% say they are actually happy with their current provider. 60% stated they would consider switching but 1 in 3 stated that the providers are all as bad as each other so what's the point in switching?

40% stated they have switched providers in the last 2 years after finding a better deal on a price comparison website but from what we've seen, smart meters seem to be the way forward to helping us watch those pennies.

Despite 73% saying the devices could help them become more energy efficient and save money on the bills, only 10% have them installed and a further 15% plan on fitting them in the next 12 months.



With so many things to see and do across the UK, it is no surprise that 88% of the population use recommendation sites (such as Tripadvisor) to help guide their day.

82% of these users agree they are a good way of gauging the true popularity of a film, restaurant or bar and 77% agree they are a good way of finding new ideas.

The most popular types of review sites are:

1. Travel sites
2. Online-only retailers (e.g. Ebay, Amazon)
3. Retail websites (e.g. John Lewis)

The team here at swear by recommendation sites and like 52% of the population, we contribute ratings, reviews and recommendations to help guide others. Of this number, 77% say they do so because they like the idea of helping others out – what a lovely bunch!


Fast Food and Gaming

I don’t know about you, but the team here at love nothing better than eating fast food and playing video games. Like 48% of the population, we typically game at least once a week. The top 3 genres the UK favour are:

1. Mind games / puzzles (57%)
2. Role Playing / Open World Games (27%)
3. Action and Adventure (24%)

86% use games to pass the time, so it is no surprise that the favourite console to plays games on is the smartphone (58%) which is used for 30% of total gaming time.

As well as a nation in love with escaping into a good game, we also love the convenience of fast food. In fact, 54% eat food on the go at least once a week and the top 3 outlets are:

1. A Supermarket (51%)
2. Pret a Manger (34%)
3. Costa (29%)

There can be many influences on making food choices and like Charlotte, 71% make decisions based on convenience. This is probably why 64% head to the local high street when the feeling of hunger kicks in. Like Nicola, 34% try to stick to the healthy option but the majority of the population (69%) make their decisions based on what they fancy eating at the time.

How long is it til lunch again?


Holidays and Travel

Whether it’s action-packed or completely chilled, we all love a little holiday every once and awhile - putting a pause on life. The most favourable way to do this is through city breaks (49%).

The favourite type of accommodation, whether at home or abroad, is a hotel which is typically found through online research (83%) or a recommendation (44%). Room service and daily room clean? Yes please!

We all have our preferences when finding somewhere to stay and the top three musts are:

1. Wifi availability (63%)
2. Good reviews (49%)
3. The option for breakfast (48%)

This is probably because 74% suggest that the accommodation you stay in on holiday is as important as the destination itself. 1 in 5 are currently using accommodation websites like Airbnb or Homestay when going on holiday, Lesley swears by them and like 60% of the population likes having a whole apartment/ villa when on holiday so she can do her own thing.

As the average spend for a trip away is £1453, we think we had better start saving!


3 Things in August

This week we discussed two main topics: Health and Christmas – two aspects which don't usually go hand in hand!

Starting off with health, the top 3 ways to keep healthy are:

1. Walk regularly (71%)
2. Eat your 5 a day (51%)

3. Get 8 hours sleep (43%)

Who would have thought keeping healthy could be so simple!

Superfoods are all the rage at the moment and 99% say they eat them in some shape or form. 74% eat superfoods to improve wellbeing with Garlic (75%), Avocado (74%) and Blueberries (66%) being the most popular. Why you ask? 72% like the taste, 63% say they are easy to cook and prepare and 51% agree that they are mix in with other foods.

Superfoods aside, other ways we improve our general health is through taking multivitamins (57%), single vitamins (such as Vitamin D) (34%) and cod liver oil (27%).

Now onto discussing our favourite time of year at Christmas. The team love nothing more than decorating the office, wearing themed jumpers and singing the old favourites.

Charlotte’s favourite thing to do however, is to hunt down bargains in the post-Christmas sales. 2 in 5 said you joined her in this venture and in fact 1 in 5 travelled further afield than normal to do so. Lesley (like 1 in 4 of the population) however like to avoid the hustle and bustle of the streets by shopping online.

We know only 30% have even started thinking about Christmas but… it’s only 17 weeks left to go!

Fashion and Beauty

Whether we like to admit to it or not, 85% show an interest in how they style themselves.

There are always interesting (and sometimes questionable) trends in the fashion world. When asked about a few of them, it seems that Tuxedo blazers are currently hot at the moment (56% agree) but big eyebrows and wearing all white? Not so much… (56% and 54% disagree).

Although 1 in 5 follow fashion blogs, 64% say that Facebook is the media site they use most to keep up to date with fashion, style or beauty.

The average individual shops 2.5 times a month for clothes, shoes and / or accessories and the average spend is £71.70 a month. However, this rises to £86.30 in the 16-24 age bracket who shop an average of 4.3 times a month.

It seems that celebrity endorsements make very little difference to purchase habits with 69% disagreeing), however price, being a trusted brand and an avoidance of animal testing are factors that matter a lot.


Eating Habits

When it comes to food we all have different habits. Here at HQ. Charlotte fits in with the 43% who mostly eat what they like but occasionally keep an eye on what is put on the plate. Nicola is part of the 33% who watches what they eat a lot these days, but treat themselves occasionally. Lesley eats like 12% of the population – what they like, when they like.

To the 2% who always watch what they eat and rarely treat themselves, we praise you on your willpower to put the hobnobs down for we cannot!

Despite these differences, 70% really enjoy cooking and 82% feel accomplished from making meals from scratch. 55% agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and 57% even admit they cannot function without it. When it comes to lunch, 1 in 2 typically eat what they fancy at the time, spending an average of £4.40 a time.

Dinner is Charlotte’s favourite time of day and like the 68% of you, she tries to cook dinner from scratch. The most inspiring sources for dinner are said to be:

1. Recipes in books (48%)
2. Browsing for recipes online (46%)
3. TV programmes about food/cooking (38%)

I don’t know about you, but all this talk about food is making us hungry! To the fridge!



This week you proved that everyone shops for groceries in different ways. 34% do one big weekly shop in-store and top-up with essentials when needed, 22% shop for groceries on numerous occasions in-store throughout the week and 21% do one main shop in-store that lasts the week (or longer).

The average weekly spend varies depending on age. 16-24’s are the most frugal, spending an average of £67.20 a week and the 45-54’s are the biggest spenders at £83.30 a week.

86% look for price / value but quality is also important. It is no surprise to see then that 67% are willing to pay more for higher quality products – especially when it comes to meat.

The favourite day to fill those baskets is on a Saturday (31%) and the top 3 supermarkets are Sainsburys, Tesco and Asda. This is mainly because they are good value for money (46%) and have good quality produce (44%). No wonder 1 in 4 are cooking at home on a more regular basis. When can we come over for dinner?


Social Media

Turns out you guys love your social media! The top three sites used are:

1. Facebook (86%)
2. YouTube (66%)
3. Twitter (55%)

74% of you say that sharing things on social media is a great way to share your opinion and your favourite content to share is something which is funny, personal or topical.

Finally, despite 1 in 2 of you thinking social media is a little self-indulgent (so many selfies!), 9 in 10 agree it can be a great platform to raise awareness for a good cause, which sounds great to us. #feelinggood


Our Recent Winners


2 Things in June

This week we decided to keep things short and snappy and asked you about two slightly unrelated issues: online dating and furniture. Ok, a bit unrelated is an understatement!

Whether you're in a committed relationship, or you're enjoying being free and single for the time being, dating websites and apps seem to have exploded into the dating scene in recent years and 47% of you have signed up. 1 in 2 heard about such services through talking to friends and the top three most recalled online dating sites are:

2. eHarmony
3. Tinder

When asked why online dating is so popular 68% said they are a convenient way to fit dating into your lifestyle and 1 in 2 said they make finding someone to have a relationship with a lot easier.

Now onto furniture… 93% of you say that you play some sort of role in buying furnishings for the home and 42% love treating yourselves to new pieces of furniture. However, you’re also a savvy lot with 81% shopping around to get the best deal.

The majority of you buy new household items such as beds, decorative furniture and kitchen appliances every few years. The 16-24’s however like changing things up a little more often. In fact, 66% of 16-24’s buy new soft furnishings at least once a year.


Thirsty Work

Whether you're a fan of the new rise of craft ales and beers, a health-savvy follower of superfood smoothies and juices, or if you're just partial to a refreshing glass of G&T after a long day at work, there was something for everyone in our 'Thirsty Work' survey.

Our exclusive online discussions (where we invited some of you to share your feelings, fears and favourite drinks out there at the moment) helped us keep our fingers on the pulse of what's hot and what's not when you're out and about having a drink...

Pammy said "Craft Beer seems to be big at the moment and I think this is great. I am not a huge fan of just plain beer but love the thought of beer being more palatable by infusing flavours I am interested in and I will always try something once!"

And it's not just beer that's getting you talking...

Nick said "Lots of places in town have a whole slew of new gin cocktails. Have to say happy with Gordon's and tonic with a twist of lemon, but my favourite is Hendricks and tonic with cucumber. It's very refreshing and summery."


Film in 2015

Summer is the season for thrilling action sequences, big blockbusters and feel-good films for the whole family. Anyone seen 'Max Mad: Fury Road' yet? (9 out of 10 on Rotten Tomatoes!)

In our 'Inside: Blockbusters' survey, we found out that over half of you watch films on a weekly basis, and 2 in 5 of you go to the cinema at least once a month. That's some pretty hard core cinema-going if you ask us!

We also asked you what you thought about the new and exciting types of cinema experiences and events that seem to have taken a hold of the UK over the last few years. Want to know what you picked as your favourites?

1. Rooftop Cinema
2. Outdoor Cinema
3. Immersive Film Experiences


Recent Winners


Mobile Phones

Similar to last year, we wanted to find out about what you guys think about all things mobile phones. With the release of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 to rival the iPhone, it was interesting to see what you had to say!

You told us that the phone brand is an important consideration for you, with nearly 7/10 of you agreeing with this. 69% of you also told us that you feel lost without your phone, and that 67% of you are online when you’re out and about.

Just makes you think, “how on earth did we get by without these little critters?”. Funny, isn’t it?


National Landmarks

In our 'Checklist for the Summer' survey, we collected all of your suggestions for what should make the list for the UK's favourite national landmarks.

You, the community, then voted on each other's suggestions and we've now got a definitive list for the 'Top National Landmarks' across the UK as chosen by you!

London chose... Tower Bridge
The Midlands chose... Stratford upon Avon
Scotland chose... Edinburgh Castle
The North chose... The Lake District
Wales chose... Snowdonia
The South chose... Stonehenge



We wanted to find out more about the modern ways in which you can now borrow and invest your money - such as crowdfunding - and we've learnt a lot!

3/4's of you were already aware of crowdfunding and 1 in 10 have already invested their money in this way before. A lot of you also told us that if you were to invest, you'd want it to be in a business that you felt a connection to. This makes sense really, particularly when you're not really expecting money back but you just want to help a business flourish!

Jenny told us:

"These are great ways of financing people who maybe cannot get funding via the normal banking channels or who prefer to involve real people in their ideas.."